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Nathan L. O'Neal
Executive Director

Dr. Nathan L. O'Neal has worked in the fatherhood field since 1995. His work as a Fatherhood and Family Engagement Specialist, and his leadership as the Executive Director of Men Behaving Dadly, has provided the opportunity to facilitate workshops and share tools across the country for fathers and professionals in the areas of Dependency & Neglect, Domestic Relations, Co-parenting, and understanding your child through various ages and stages programs. Dr. O'Neal provides education to communities about the importance of fathers in the lives of their children.

Dr. O'Neal previously served as a member of the Colorado Supreme Court CIP (Court Improvement Program) Leadership Board, the Colorado Best Practice Court Team, Faculty Member of the Colorado Dependency and Neglect Judicial Institute at the Sturm School of Law and Chair of the Disproportionality and Disparate Outcomes Project for Denver County.

Dr. O'Neal is the past Chair of the National Board of Directors of the Fathers and Families Coalition of America, International Board member of the Ghana Fatherhood Initiative. He also serves on the Colorado Child Support Enforcement Asset Building (AFI) Advisory Board, Mayor’s African American Commission, and Colorado Men against Domestic Violence.

Dr. O'Neal served as a member of the Colorado Leadership Council for the Colorado Department of Human Services Fatherhood Initiative, and member of the Colorado Practice Model, Judicial Bench Card Implementation, and consultant to Denver Public Schools and Denver Police Department.

Dr. O'Neal has facilitated trainings and workshops in the areas of Undoing Racism, Courageous Conversations, and Race, Power Of An Illusion to provide education relative to fatherlessness and the impact on children and society from a cultural perspective.

Dr. O’Neal has served on several international, national, state, county, city and local boards and committees. Below are a few: 

  • National Board Member, Chair and National Director - Development and Education - Fathers and Families Coalition of America
  • Colorado Executive Director - Fathers and Families Coalition of America Denver Affiliate
  • National Fatherhood Initiative
  • National Fatherhood Leaders Group
  • Colorado Department of Human Services Fatherhood Leadership Council
  • Colorado Disparity Resource Center Leadership Team
  • Ghana Fatherhood Initiative - International Board Member
  • Colorado Child Support Enforcement Asset Building (AFI) Advisory Board, Technical Evaluator
  • Colorado Men Against Domestic Violence
  • Denver Public Schools Student Attendance Review Board, Consultant
  • IDEA - Ideas Directed at Eliminating Abuse, Consultant and Trainer
  • Colorado Dependency and Neglect Judicial Institute - Faculty
  • Colorado Supreme Court – Court Improvement Program
  • Colorado Practice Model
  • Colorado Best Practice Court Team




  •          President’s Call To Service Award
  •          Congressional Service Award
  •          Colorado Department of Human Services Administrator of The Year Award
  •          Fatherhood Practitioner Award

Below is a list of the areas that Dr. O'Neal provides support for the work that you have undertaken. Dr. O'Neal is available via email at, or phone at 855.623.DADS (3237).

Keynote Topics

  • Effective Fatherhood Programs
  • Fatherhood and Generation Now
  • A Black Male’s Perspective on Fatherhood
  • Mentorship and Young Male Development
  • Sometimes life will just do you, but remember Who does life!
  • From James Evans to Cliff Huxtable to Homer Simpson: Where are TV dads leading us?
  • FAS - The Brain, The Child, The Trauma


  • Developing Effective Fatherhood Programs
  • Real Talk - Communication Gaps between Fathers and Mothers
  • Creating Systemic Change in Child welfare Systems
  • Understanding Responsible Fatherhood
  • Undoing Racism - White Privilege - Courageous Conversations
  • Developing Fatherhood Support Groups
  • Co-Parenting: Even if you don't live with your child
  • What just happened? Clarity after court


  • Agency Training – Establishing and working in Father Friendly Environments
  • Staff Training – Engaging Fathers
  • Faith-Based Training – Working with men and fathers in the church
  • Institutional Training - Institutionalizing Fatherhood Programs in Social Service and Child Welfare Systems
  • Organizational Training – Network and Leadership Building
  • Court Training - Judicial Officers, Respondent Parent Council, Guardian's Ad Litem
  • Undoing Racism, Race, the Power of an Illusion
  • FASD
  • Implicit Bias


  • Disciplines of a Godly Man
  • Fatherhood do's and don'ts - The power of words
  • Experience is a great teacher, but not the best teacher
  • Let it be so! - Mastering Household and Family Leadership
  • Sorry Men, Silly Women, and Sassy Children - Order in the home!