Fatherhood Development

Our goal is to empower fathers by providing educational information about the court system, child support, parenting, co-parenting, and the role of various agencies. With this information fathers will be positioned to grow as men and as parents, enabling them to be the man they want to be and the father their children need them to be.

We believe relationships between children and their families, to include fathers, is vital if we as a community are to be successful in the development of the love and compassion that we all share and want for our children and families. Men Behaving Dadly is here to provide the tools necessary to assist fathers in the pursuit of a nurturing relationship with their children.

We believe that when children are connected with their fathers, our communities are stronger, when our communities are stronger, our cities are stronger, when our cities are stronger, our states are stronger, and when our states are stronger, our nation is stronger. This all comes from the initial step of connecting children and fathers in a positive, nurturing, and physically and emotionally safe environment.

We have partnered with community resources to provide these classes and groups to assist men in their journey as fathers:

  • Child growth and development
  • The effects of abuse and neglect
  • Understanding your teen
  • Collaborating with the mother of your child for the benefit of your child
  • Understanding the effect domestic violence has on a child 


Research says when fathers are involved in the lives of their children, they will:

  • Be a more stable and supportive father.
  • Have a greater opportunity to modify child support orders.  
  • Be more aware and understanding of the issues of their children. 
  • Begin to experience the joy of being there for their children.  
  • Establish strong relationships.